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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Q.1 Can you Clean my dirty Tiles and Grout?

A.1 Yes. We clean all sorts of floors, including Tiles and Grout.

Q.2 How do I know if you really know how to Clean Tile and Grout properly?

A.2 We are a Tile and Grout IICRC Trained and Accredited Firm. We know what we’re doing and you’ll be happy with our Services!

Q.3 Do I have to move all of the furniture off the Tiles before they’re Cleaned?

A.3 Yes. Usually you’ll get the best result when all of your furniture is removed, as it’ll be uniformly Clean everywhere.

Q.4 I live in an apartment block, is that going to be a problem to clean my Tiles and Grout?

A.4 No. We can pretty much get to almost any Apartment or Unit complex.

Q.5 Will you leave any residue or chemicals on the floor after you’ve Cleaned the Tiles and Grout?

A.5 No. The final Cleaning process removes any remaining residue and rinses the Tiles and Grout clean with fresh water.

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