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Carpet Repairs

Q. What sort of Carpet Repairs do we Specialize in?

A. Our Carpet Repair Services Specialize in:

  1. Iron burn marks
  2. Cigar or Cigarette burns
  3. Candle wax burns
  4. Permanent stain marks (e.g. Urine, vomit, rust, etc.)
  5. Water marks from pot plants
  6. Cutting patches and replacing with new carpet
  7. Torn or Ripped Carpets
  8. Door way and hallway seams
  9. Colour bleeding (e.g. colours move from a wet rug to a lighter coloured carpet below it)
  10. Woven and Tufted Carpet repairs (e.g. loose carpet fibres that stick up and stand out)
  11. Delamination (separation) of Carpet Backing Materials
  12. Reinstallation of loose carpet on stairs
  13. Re-stretching loose, bubbled or wrinkled carpet
  14. Water Damaged Carpet Reinstallation
  15. Underlay Replacement.

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