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Airconditioning Cleaning

Q.1 My Airconditioner looks dirty, should I get it cleaned?

A.1 Yes. When your Airconditioner has Black Marks or has dirty filters, that means your Airconditioner needs to be Professionally Cleaned.

Q.2 What are the Black Marks all over my Airconditioner?

A.2 The Black Marks are a build-up of mould, mildew and airborne fungal spores that are growing on your Airconditioner and spreading airborne Pathogens that you are breathing in!

Q.3 The Black Marks don’t seem to be making a smell yet, can I wait until it starts to smell before I get the Airconditioner Cleaned?

A.3 No! Absolutely Not! Dirty Filters and Black Marks are a sign that the Airconditioner has not been serviced regularly. Your Airconditioner is spreading infectious airborne microorganisms, fungus and bacteria that can make you sick if you breathe them in!

Q.4 The Filters are dirty and there’s not a lot of Black Marks all over the Airconditioner, can’t I just clean the Filters myself?

A.4 No. Your Airconditioner needs to be urgently Cleaned! Respiratory breathing problems are frequently caused from poorly maintained Airconditioners.

Q.5 My Airconditioner is leaking on the floor, what does that mean?

A.5 That means that the cooling fins and water reservoirs are either blocked or are obstructed by algae scum. The Airconditioner needs servicing immediately as it’s not running efficiently, which is causing increased electricity charges. Water damage to the walls and floors may also occur.

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